Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Snapper Hunters Enter ThePabst Blue Ribbon Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament!!!

You thought we were dead, you thought we had crawled under some rock in the middle of South Dakota and died. Well sir, you thought wrong. The Snapper hunters are alive and well and will be bringing their hard working Textbook style of hockey to a frozen Pond in the historic town of Silverthorne Co Presidents Day weekend 2011.

The Snapper Hunters will be sporting a 6 man Roster so full of hard nose, raw talent that 2 of our rostered players have asked me to keep their names off the blog for fear that this kind of publicity will draw to much media attention and create a distraction from the team building that is going to take place before the famed tournament.

Rostered Members who are sure not to draw any media attention are as follows. Pat Deniger, Sean Hoggarth, Chris Rhuley and Ryan Taylor. Leading the S. Hunters into their 6th legendary season is John Patrick Deniger. A true "stay at home on a friday night defenseman", Deniger is sure to be the back bone of this squad for at least the first minutes or maybe just warmup of our first game. After that look for Deniger to be perched up at a table in the beer tent with a tall cold domestic Pabst in his hand signing some Bob Seager and telling stories of the glory days back in Huron SD.

Making his first appearance as a Snapper Hunter, Sean Darren Hoggarth will be a valued addition to the team. Bringing years and years of drinking experience Sean will be the Snapper Hunters go to guy during the the 2nd half of all games as he is unaffected by drinking I C Domestics at high elevation. In true Snapper Hunter form sean plays like there is a beer at the end of every shift and cant wait to get there.

Christopher Wilcox Rhuley, a "Real Team player, jump on the Grenade, Wing-Man" Rhules embodies everything every current and former Snapper Hunter is, has tried to be, and will ever become, without ever lacing them up for the legendary team. A pure goal scorer with a rapist wit look for Rhules to be scoring in bunches, on and off the ice.

Coming back to The Snapper Hunters lineup and filling out the roster for this swarree in Summit County is Ryan Taylor. Being absent from the S.H. roster for close to 5 years has taken an emotional tole on Tails, but he says he is ready to get at it and win that fucking trophy. A little known fact about Ryan, The Snapper Hunters, is the only team he has played for in which he hasn't recieved a major suspension of any kind from a league or tounament, Look for him to try and keep that streak alive this weekend.